Introduction (eng)

2013 begins with good vibes and I would like to bring our international friends some news about our project.

First a brief description of our main goals:

Portugal’s Alentejo region gathers exceptional characteristics for the development of artistic activities:

  • excellent climate
  • quality of the light
  • availability of noble raw materials, specially marble
  • qualified human resources
  • existing infrastructure: hotels, roads, galleries and museum

Negativo fotografado à janela, Águeda, Portugal, PedroLobo©2012

It is necessary to promote this set of qualities in order to attract visual artists, collectors, curators, galleries, students, critics and researchers and to help them establish and develop their activities in the region.

Our aim is to create an extensive catalog of the visual arts resources available in the Alentejo region, to list and provide information, descriptions and observations about:

  • Materials suppliers: marble, granite, wood, iron, tools, machinery, paints, pigments, etc.
  • Service suppliers: carpenters, framers, printers, artisans, smiths, sculptors, transportation, packing, binders, etc.
  • Galleries, Museums and Cultural Institutions
  • Governmental resources
  • Visual artists
  • Collectors
  • Curators and commissaries
  • Cooperatives and associations
  • Schools and Universities
  • Research Centers and Historians

Geographical scope:

  • First stage: municipalities of Alentejo Central
  • Second stage: municipalities of Alto Alentejo
  • Third stage: municipalities of Baixo Alentejo and Alentejo Litoral

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Those who do so, will receive our info and news as they are gathered in our database. Besides, through the “login”, I can incorporate suggestions and infos directly into the inventory of the Artistic Resources of the Alentejo.

We will keep you posted here and in Facebook.

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